Chemistry Reference Resolver

The Chemistry Reference Resolution serves to quickly direct it to the website of an editor that contains the article you are looking for.

How does chem ref resolver work?

  1. Go to
  2. Write the reference.
  3. Chem Reference Resolver determines whether it is an appointment of the newspaper, a DOI, a chemical sigma-Aldrich or something more esoteric.
  4. According to the input, it redirects it to the editor’s website, directly to the document (or its closest approach).

Many formats are supported, including vaguely defined “lazy quotes”, such as “Perkin1 2002 2733”.

Additional notes about chem ref res

  • The website does not have PDF documents.
  • The search is case-insensitive.
  • The entire score is generally ignored.
  • For many journals, a volume number is not required − it is calculated automatically from the publication year. Check supported journals for more info.
  • There are several browser extensions available.

Reference Resolver Examples

DOI 10.1021/jo1006812
Resolve DOI
jchemsocGo to journal homepage
Acc. Chem. Res. 2000, 33, 346Resolve an ACS style reference
Angew. Chem. Int. Edn Engl. 41, 1796−1800 (2002)Resolve an NPG style reference
joc, 2010, 4657
acie 45 7134
Even “lazy” citations can be resolved. Resolver supports common abbreviations, such as JOC/jocperkin1/perkin2, etc.
US 5856532
uspat 5856532
Retrieve a USPTO patent
patent WO2008014520
patent US7842459
Look up any patent supported by Espacenet
sa sodium chlorideLook up a reagent on Sigma-Aldrich website
msds 541-41-3
sds 541-41-3
Search for a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) at the ChemBlink website. CAS numbers only
oadoi 10.1186/1860-5397-1-4Search open access DOI (oaDOI)

Chemistry Reference Resolver extensions

The refernces retrieval can be even easier if these extensions are used:

Supported Journals

You can see all supported journals here.